Marking and Grading System

TBI follows a 4.3 grade point system and requires a 2.0 average for graduation. A student will receive a grade for each course in which he/she is enrolled. The grade will be posted to his/her transcript at the end of the semester. The following system of grading is employed:


A+ Exceptional Comprehension of subject material and outstanding resourcefulness in its application. 4.3 (100-98)
A 4.0 (97-95)
A- 3.7 (94-93)
B+ Good comprehensive of the subject material and ability to apply it. 3.3 (92-90)
B 3.0 (89-87)
B- 2.7 (86-85)
C+ Average understanding of subject material. 2.3 (84-82)
C 2.0 (81-79)
C- 1.7 (78-77)
D+ Limited knowledge of subject but sufficient to pass the course. 1.3 (76-75)
D 1.0 (74-72)
D- 0.7 (71-70)
F Failure (The course must be repeated) 0.0 (69-00)

AU-A student may register as an auditor for any course where there is space available. The AU symbol on the transcript does not imply attendance or any other effort in the course. Auditors pay a reduced tuition cost of $35.00 for the privilege of attending a course.
P-Pass in courses graded pass/fail
W-Withdrawal from a course (does not affect GPA)
S-Satisfactory in Field Education
U-Unsatisfactory in Field Education


Students who carry a minimum nine (9) semester hours and maintain an average of 3.0 or above, with no grade below “C,” shall be honor roll students for the semester. Students earning 4.3 averages for a semester are given special presidential recognition.


Summa cum laude – 3.8 and above
Magna cum laude – 3.6 – 3.7
Cum laude – 3.4 – 3.5